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About LaserPaint

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The LaserPaint is a laser-guided spray training aid. The small device attaches onto any spray gun and provides feedback regarding the technician’s distance, control and overlap.

How It Works

Two laser dots are projected onto the part being sprayed. You can set your distance for the appropriate gun-to-part distance by turning the knob until the two laser beams align to show only one dot.

Then, as you spray, simply keep one dot by spraying at that consistent distance and perpendicular angle. If your technique strays, you will see two dots giving you immediate feedback that you need to adjust your distance or angle.

You can also use the dot to follow along your previous spray pass resulting in a consistent 50% overlap throughout the entire part. This not only means parts will be coated consistently, but your defects will decrease!

What It Costs

The LaserPaint costs $ 99.95.


"There is a tendency to arc the gun and just eliminating that one thing saves money. It (the LaserPaint) forces a focus on technique and even if it just teaches better control, it is worth it."
- Greg Madrigal from Renaissance Doors and Windows in CA

"I would recommend this product to any school, body shop or anyone who is trying to improve their painting skills. I know I could not have been this skilled if I had not spent the time working with this product."
- Kyle O’Keefe, 2003-2004 Best Painter award, Skills USA Competition

"What a wonderful tool! Where was it 5 years ago when I began painting?"
- Air Force Painter

"We use LaserPaint to train new employees in a high-volume, powder coat paint area. Through using LaserPaint, we have noticed an incredible 50% reduction in overall paint defects in the past year."
- Jared Beeler, Group Leader in Fremont, Indiana

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